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ISTEP testing



The state of Indiana required testing (ISTEP+) is done in 2 parts. A written evaluation given in March and a Multiple Choice version given in May are combined by the state. Scores are normally available by June. Below are a few tips to follow:

The week before:

Move any scheduled appointments to a date outside testing week or to the afternoons if possible.

Encourage your student to familiarize themselves with the writing process and math concepts such as perimeters, areas, and distance measurement.

Discuss the upcoming test and what may be happening to help prepare them for it.

Calculators will be available but you may purchase a simple one that performs addition, subtraction and division for use on the ISTEP. The more familiar the student is with the devise the less stress and anxiety will be experienced.

The night before:

Ensure your student eats a healthy dinner.

Plan on a normal nights sleep.

Lay out comfortable clothes that meet the dress code for the next day.

If stress and anxiety are a problem play a game, go for a walk. Physical and mental activity will help relieve the stress.

Do not permit your student to attempt to “cram” for any portion of the test. Review writing styles or math formulas but not to the extent that it creates excessive stress and anxiety.
The morning of:

Have the student up early enough to enable them to prepare without rushing.

Eat a healthy but not heavy breakfast. Remember we are testing at 8:00 a.m.

During the test:

Breath. As simple as it may seem many of our students find themselves holding their breath creating unnecessary stress and anxiety.

Help instill confidence. Remind them to think positive thoughts.  Get them to “Self talk” (Tell themselves they will do his/her best and they are well prepared for the test). They can do this well!

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